August 26, 2011

Orange & White

Today is a special day for those of us who live in Tennessee. We were asked by our news channels to wear orange in support of Pat Summitt, the Lady Vols basketball coach. She went public recently with the news of being diagnosed with early on set dementia. She has no plans to step down from coaching. In fact, she plans to continue for as long as she can.

Now I certainly am not a big sports buff, but this story really touched me. It reminded me that even on my darkest of days there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Being born with CP and a full time wheelchair user I've had my share of difficult times but have always chosen to push through those times like she is choosing to do.

Even if your not a Vols fan I ask you to please support her today. Pray for her and her family.

The vol-nation has your back Pat!

1 comment:

  1. I said I'm be...a TN Vol!!! I'm not a big sports buff either but this has touched me too