May 11, 2010

Little House: A Simple Life

As I was falling asleep for a nap this afternoon, Little House on the Prairie came on TV. I drifted off to sleep for a while, and when I awoke it was still on. Immediately, I had thoughts pop into my head. Thoughts about the way they lived, and the way we live today.. and how sometimes I wish we could be more like the characters of that show. So, here are my thoughts in poem form.

Little House
What if we had no electricity, to do things in the night?Would you settle for the dimness of a small candle light?
What if we had no indoor plumbing with which to bathe or use the restroom?Would you go down to the creek everyday or to the outside every night?
What if we had no TV, games or anything of entertainment?Would you go outside and play with friends, family, and cherish the time spent?
What if we had no great novels to read?Would you read the Bible and take it to heart?
What if we had no telephone or e-mail to keep in touch with those we love?Would you take the time to write them a letter, or perhaps walk over to visit?
What if you couldn’t go to the mall at your convenience?Would you gladly go to school or church and enjoy the time there?
Would you allow the hard times of life to bring you and your family closer?To make a bond that no one else can break?
I know I wouldIf I lived the hard, yet simple life of those in Little House.

Crystal L. McClure 5/11/2010

Take time to let these words sink into your soul and really think about them. I myself would love to be as humble as they are. They never once complained they didn’t have enough. They were never ungrateful for the things they did have. And they loved their family and the Lord more than themselves. I think if we could take the time in this fast paced world to slow down and appreciate things like they did, we might see that change we’re all waiting on. What do you think?

“It’s the sweet, simple things in life which are the real ones after all.” ~Laura Ingalls Wilder

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